Yet another attempt to blog again

"You only lose if you give up"

So now there is another entry in this blog. So I think I'm going to take another whack at trying to start a new blog. Actually, this site (or atleast the domain) is no longer that new. This is pretty much an old domain and so I thought I'd use for it my blog.

So whats different now? I have no idea! I just thought I'd take some of the knowledge between my ears and write them down somewhere. Maybe someone will find it useful and get a kick out of it. Besides, some of these entries might be useful in the future. You'll never know.

And whats with the quote? "You only lose if you give up"? What's with that? Well I think this is already my sixth if not seventh attempt of blogging and I usually lose momentum. So here is another go! Not giving up. Going to try again! Probably this time around I can get past the more than 10 posts. So yes, my initial goal is to post 10 blog posts! Atleast once a week! So there! My first post! 9 more to go! woohoo!