Choosing Blogger over Wordpress

For this blog, I'm ditching Wordpress and I'm going for Blogger and I will be using Blogger for this site primarily as a kind of SEO experiment. I've love using Wordpress to build blogs for companies and people but this time I'm going to go against everything I've advocated and I'm going to try something out of the norm for me.

Background on this Blogger vs Wordpress experiment

For those who are unfamiliar with the Blogger vs Wordpress thing, allow me to give you the short story. For those who teach Internet Marketing, blogger is only useful when you're starting out and/or testing the waters of blogging/online publishing. This is mainly because its relatively easy to deploy a blogger based site with its own domain compared to a Wordpress based one. And for some of people (and companies for that matter), Blogger is simply for blogs and that if you're serious about building an online media publishing presense you need to start to go for a Wordpress based site.

For the most part I AGREE! The last time I used Blogger for any serious blogging was like 5 years ago, and I had to admit that a lot of On-Page SEO techniques I employ was doable in Blogger. But when I started reviewing Blogger again, I was pleased to discover that it seems that Blogger has added a lot of new features that makes On-Page SEO easier. But I'm not going to talk about those things changes for now. For now, I will just discuss why should startup bloggers should consider Blogger for their first try in the online publishing industry.

Advantages of Blogger over Wordpress

Disclaimer: The points that I will be discussing here focuses on sites that use their own domains therefore having a subdomain in blogger ( or Wordpress ( does not apply here.

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